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Mechanical engineering

Metallic Carpentries for light and medium-heavy work.


One of F.lli Scapin’s strong points is definitely represented by steelworks, with a department equipped to cope with any level of machining, from light to medium-heavy.
The qualified technical staff and the certified welding process make it possible for the company to guarantee high quality, reliability and certainty of the supplied product.

Projects and Goals

Through a detailed planning of activities, the constant assistance of the technical department ensures a work process meant at achieving the Customers’ aims.

Mechanical engineering

Metallic Carpentry Realizations

Support for Volvo engine
Sliding boards
Case for control panels
Walway on sluice gate
Stainless steel rises
Galvanized parts
Jib Crane
Pumping System for Adige River
Road’s parapects
Chimney flue inspection catwalk
Pedestrian-bicycle bridge, 2nd cathegory
Tubes Mold
Pumping System for Adige River (detail)
Carpentries in progress
Hydraulic control Unit
Debris Gates
Stainless steel cochlea
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