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Company Policy


F.lli Scapin has adopted a quality policy as a means and strategy for pursuing its improvement objectives aimed at implementing the satisfaction of its stakeholders.

The management’s commitment is to guarantee the market the highest quality of processing and maximum flexibility in deliveries, through an organization of cutting-edge processes followed by responsible and motivated operators who operate according to the operating practices with which the company intends stand out as well as compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 standards and those pertaining to the cogency to which one’s business is subjected such as EN 1090: 2012.

Considering the company management system as being of significant strategic importance, the MANAGEMENT:
a) assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality management system;
b) Ensures that the quality policy and objectives relating to the quality management system are established and that they are compatible with the context and the strategic guidelines of the organization;
c) Ensures the integration of the requirements of the quality management system into the business processes of the organization;
d) Promotes the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking;
e) Ensures the availability of the resources necessary for the quality management system;
f) Communicates the importance of effective quality management, and compliance with the quality management system requirements;
g) Ensures that the quality management system achieves the expected results;
h) Actively makes people participate, guiding and supporting, to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system;
i) Promotes improvement;
j) Provides support to other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership, as it applies to the respective areas of responsibility.

The Management verifies, promotes and disseminates the results of each improvement activity consistent with the corporate objectives and the reference standards with the involvement of the entire organization through objective analysis, measurement and procedural tools.

Staff satisfaction depends on the achievement of the objectives that define the path of improvement, the active and collaborative involvement of resources therefore constitutes the lifeblood of company operations and the harmony of the actions undertaken.

The company mission is to represent a significant point of reference for the mechanical construction and water defense market; offering customers innovative solutions, fast timeframes with fast response and high quality products that meet all expectations. To achieve these results, the achievement of the objectives will therefore be documented by implementing the principles governed by the reference standard ISO9001: 2015.